Co Chong 3
Cao Chong 曹冲
Famous Prodigy 早夭的神童

Talent 天资
Whenever he is damaged, Cao Chong can discard X cards.  These cards' number's add up to the number of the card that damaged him. He can then choose up to X characters. These characters recover one unit of health.  X cannot be greater than two.

Early Death 早夭
Cao Chong's discard phase is always skipped.  If Cao Chong ends his turn with more than 13 cards, he loses one health and discards all his hand cards.
  • There is another version of Cao Chong with very similar abilities as well.  
  • Cao Chong does not have to use "Talent", he can just take the damage.
  • When he does use "Talent", the cards he discards must add up to the damaging card exactly.  It cannot be more or less.  When doing the math, A is 1, J is 11, Q is 12, and K is 13.
  • "Early Death" is not a choice.  Cao Chong must do as it says if it applies.