Cao Cao 12
Cao Cao 曹操
Martial Emperor of Wei 魏武帝

Evil Hero 奸雄
Whenever Cao Cao is damaged, he can draw one or keep the card that hurt him.

Escort 护驾
King Ability: If Cao Cao needs to use an escape, a member of Wei can use an escape on his behalf.
  • "Evil Hero" has the added option for Cao Cao to draw if he does not want the card that hurt him or if he was hurt by an ability.  Even if the damage was not caused by a card, he is allowed to draw one.
  • If Cao Cao is damaged multiple units of healt at once, he only gets to use "Evil Hero" one time.  He can draw one card or keep the card that hurt him.  He cannot do both or draw two.  
  • "Escort" is the same as the original version of Cao Cao.  
  • If Cao Cao acquires a card that targets all characters via "Evil Hero," it still affects the remaining of the players.  If Cao Cao is damaged halfway through Hail of Arrows, Cao Cao can pick it up, but all the rest of the players still need to use an Escape.
  • When king Cao Cao needs an Escape, another member of Wei can activate their Eight Trigrams to help him out via "Escort." This way, the loyalist and the king can benefit from the same armor.