Cai Wen Ji 2
Cai Wen Ji 蔡文姬
Talented Woman in Mourning 悲古的才女

Elegy 悲歌
 During her drawing phase, Cai Wen Ji can draw X additional cards.  X is how much blood she has lost.

Zither 琴伤
 During her drawing phase, she can elect to draw fewer cards.  For each card less she draws, she asks any player to do a judgment.  If it is black, they lose one blood.  If it is red, they recover one blood.

Cheerful Music 乐想
 If she is the last female alive, she can draw less to allow any player to recover the same amount.
  •  She can select any player for her powers, even herself.  
  •  When looking at the gender of other players, it is important to look at the gender of their generals, not the gender of the actual people.