cai mao zhang yun
Cai Mao Zhang Yun 蔡瑁 & 张允
Admirals of the Cao Camp 曹营水将

Fleet Formation 列阵
Cai Mao & Zhang Yun cannot be targeted with duel or hail of arrows.

Naval Division 水师
When Cai Mao & Zhang Yun calculate distance, they ignore other +1 horses.  When other players calculate distance to Cai Mao & Zhang Yun, -1 horses are ineffective.  

Innocent Death 枉死
When Cai Mao & Zhang Yun are damaged by tool cards, the damage is increased by one.  
  • "Naval Division" both protects Cai Mao & Zhang Yun from -1 horses and renders others' +1 horses useless.  In both cases, they get the benefit.
  • For "Innocent Death", only the damage Cai Mao & Zhang Yun receive is increased.  The damage that they cause remains the same.