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Why, Zhou Tai cannot doubt Yu Ji when he is in purgatory mode  
If Sun Shang Xiang has a horse with one blood. Someone attacks her with the longbow. They kill the horse before damaging her. So could she draw a peach to save her life?  
When Cheng Yu damages a player outside of his turn, does he activate "Hostage"?  
If Xu Shu plays Barbarians, does Zhu Rong get to pick it up?  
What happens when Zhu Rong damages Xiao Qiao and Xiao Qiao passes the damage to another character?  
If all players are in the chain. Fire damage starts going around. Midway through some poor sap has the wood armor. He gets hit two. Will the rest of the players be hit 1 or 2 blood? 1 blood, the damage goes directly to all 
Can Diao Chan make Xu Shu duel someone. apparently not 
Can someone play both lightnings on the same turn? Where does the second one go? cannot play both 
Can Zuo Ci change forms if he is flipped? "@ the beginning of his turn" I asked about this on Ricky's blog. The new guy said no. He can only change during normal turns. 
If Lu Xun draws a second card from trading in chains, Does Zhuge Liangs Empty City activate for that instant he trades a chain in? In other words, is there that twang? I just saw this - When Zhuge exchanges the chain when it is the last card in his hand, you hear the "TWONG!!!!" 
If Zhuge Liang has one attack in his hand and Liu Bei uses Rouse to target Zhuge Liang, can Zhuge Liang respond with his last hand card? my guess is yes and the attack would hit him, but online confirmation needed 
Zhao Yun using the Serpent Spear and two cards to generate an escape no..... 
Cao Cao using his king power with someone with the Black Shield to stop a black attack no 
Jia Xu cannot play the black lightning noted 
Jia Xu CAN be indirectly targeted with a black tool. (Coerce someone to attack him) noted 
Dong Zhou's king power enforced? Not enforced, up to the hero 
What is the difference between Using and Losing cards (esp with Ling Tong) nothing, any time the leave 
DG Guan can give himself nightmare tokens true 
When Jia Xu is struck by lightning, he is the only one who can save himself when it says 'except Jia Xu' this means that only the players on the brink of death and Jia Xu can play peaches 
God Zhuge Liang uses "Fierce Wind"/"Heavy Fog" and dies. Will the effects keep or die with him? yes 
If Zhou Tai is in purgatory, can he be healed with peach garden? yes he loses a purgatory card 
If king Cao Cao is attacked with the Black Pommel, can another member of Wei use 8 Trigrams to provide him an escape? Yes - I have witnessed this online.  
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