Zhou Cang 11
Zhou Cang 周倉
Wearing a Heart of Courage 披肝沥胆

Loyalty and Bravery 忠勇
When Zhou Cang attacks and the target uses an escape, you can give that escape to any player except the one he attacked.  If he gives it to someone other than himself, he can then attack the same player again.  
  • If the target of Zhou Cang's attack uses the Eight Trigrams to stop the attack, Zhou Cang cannot use "Loyality and Bravery" then because an Escape was not used.
  • When Zhou Cang uses "Loyalty and Bravery", he cannot give it back to the player that he just attacked.  He can only give it to other players.  
  • Zhou Cang can keep the Escape for himself.  If he does this, he cannot attack that player again.  
  • If Zhou Cang attacks a second time using "Loyalty and Bravery", he can only attack the same person as before.  It works very similarly to the Green Dragon Blade.