Zhang Song
Zhang Song 张松
Phoenix Breaking into the Heart 怀壁待凤仪

Inside Knowledge 强识
At the beginning of his turn, Zhang Song can choose any other player with a hand.  He chooses a card from them and shows it to everyone.  If Zhang Song uses any card of the same type as that one for the rest of the turn, he draws a card.  

Map Offering 献图
When any other person starts their turn Zhang Song can draw two cards.  He then gives the target two cards.  If they end their turn without killing another player, Zhang Song loses one health.
  • When Zhang Song uses "Inside Knowledge", he shows the selected card to everyone.  
  • Zhang Song cannot target someone with "Inside Knowledge" if they do not have any cards in their hand.  
  • If Zhang Song uses "Map Offering", the player whose turn it is must make the kill.  If someone is kill by a different player, it does not save Zhang Song from losing health at the end of the turn.
  • When Zhang Song uses "Map Offering", he can give any cards that he has.  It doesn't have to be the same cards that he drew.  It can even be his equipment.  
  • "Map Offering" happens in addition to the targets normal drawing phase.  They would get cards from Zhang Song in addition to their normal share of cards during their turn.