Zhang Fei SP
Zhang Fei 张飞
Spear Leveled with Horse Ready 横矛立马

Fighting Evil 嫉恶
Whenever SP Zhang Fei deals damage with a red attack, the damage is increased by one.

Shout 大喝
Once during Zhang Fei's action phase, he can choose any character and compete with them. If Zhang Fei wins, he can allow any character a health level that is less than or equal to his own to keep the opponent's competition card and non-heart-suited Escapes become useless for the rest of Zhang Fei's turn. If Zhang Fei loses the competition, he must show everyone his hand then discard one of his hand cards.
  • "Fighting Evil" is enforced. Zhang Fei cannot choose to not do an additional unit of damage when he hurts another character with a red-suited Attack card.
  • The extra damage that Zhang Fei deals with a red-suited Attack via "Fighting Evil" applies only to situations in which he attacks another character. This ability does not take into effect when Zhang Fei participates in a Duel.
  • When Zhang Fei wins the competition when he activates "Shout" on another character, he can give the opponent's competition card to any character whose health level is not greater than that of Zhang Fei's. If Zhang Fei wants to keep the opponent's competition card, he can choose to do so.
  • Note that the Escapes provided by the Eight Trigrams armor have no suit. As such, if Zhang Fei successfully targets a character wielding this armor with "Shout," Escapes provided by this armor have no effect, as they are not of the suit of hearts.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Zhang Fei's two abilities work very well together. He can use "Shout" to render most if not all of the Escapes in an enemy's hand useless, then deal an additional unit of damage to that opponent with a red-suited Attack via "Fighting Evil." It should be noted that approximately 3/4 of the Escapes in the deck are diamonds.
  • Even if Zhang Fei does not want to Attack an opponent during his turn, he can use a high-numbered card and target an enemy with "Shout" to take one of their hand cards and keep it or give it to an ally.
  • It should be noted that only 31% of the Attack cards in the deck are of a red suit. 
  • Zhang Fei can often find himself with few hand cards and at a significant disadvantage if he mismanages "Shout." Remember, Zhang Fei loses a card in the competition then must discard an additional hand card if he loses. When this happens, Zhang Fei practically wastes his turn, as he only draws two cards in his drawing phase and he loses two hand cards when he loses the competition. Also, since Zhang Fei shows his hand to all of the players at the table, his enemies will know how to damage him during their turns.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Guo Jia/Xu Shu/Xun Yu - These characters can give Zhang Fei cards and help offset a mismanagement of "Shout."
  • Da Qiao/SP Da Qiao/Xiao Qiao - Da Qiao can re-direct Attacks with "Displace" and Da Qiao can 'cancel' attacks via "Quiet Safety." Xiao Qiao's "Fantasy" allows her to redirect damage by discarding only one heart-suited hand card. These characters can use these abilities to negate the benefits of "Fighting Evil."
  • Liu Shan - Liu Shan's "Pleasure" makes it more difficult to damage him with an Attack. This is Zhang Fei's primary method of causing damage.
KingZhang Fei is a poor king choice. He does not have any defensive abilities to protect him from the rebels.
LoyalistZhang Fei is a good loyalist. He can use his powers to fight the rebels and sometimes give the king an additional card if he is weak.
RebelZhang Fei is a good rebel. He can deal a large amount of damage to the king in a short amount of time and also steal his/her hand cards at the same time.
SpyZhang Fei is a mediocre spy. He may be able to turn the tides of battle quickly if one side gains a large advantage over the other, but he does not have defensive abilities that can help him stay alive over a long period of time.

Final Remarks:
Unlike most of the other 2012 SP characters, Zhang Fei seems to be a good addition to San Guo Sha. He is not over-powered or boring to use. Zhang Fei's original form is one of the weaker characters in the game and has no place in high-level team-centered play. While Zhang Fei is not the best team player, he is certainly usable and he usually is not a 'weak link' in team situations. Also, he is a counter for extremely defensive characters like Younger Zhuge Liang, Zhen Ji, and SP Zhao Yun. When using him, save red-suited Attacks for turns in which you have high-numbered cards to beat an enemy with a competition with "Shout." It is terrible to waste a red-suited Attack on a character who has an Escape.