Zhang Fei 19
Zhang Fei 张飞
Ten Thousand Men Cannot Equal 万夫不当

Roar 咆哮
Zhang Fei has no restrictions on how many times he can attack during his turn

Reinforce 替身
Once per game, at the beginning of his turn, Zhang Fei can return to the same amount of health that he had at the end of his previous turn.  He draws a card for each health that he changes.
  • "Roar" is the same power as the original Zhang Fei.
  • Zhang Fei cannot use "Reinforce" on his first turn.
  • "Reinforce" can work to increase or decrease Zhang Fei's health.  He draws a card for each unit that his health goes up or down.  Since the power is optional, he is not required to use it at the first oppertunity.  
  • Zhang Fei can use a weapon ability each and every time he attacks.