Zhang Fei
Zhang Fei 张飞
Ten Thousand Men Cannot Equal 万夫不当

Roar 咆哮
Zhang Fei has no restrictions on how many times he can attack during his turn.
  •  Zhang Fei can use a weapon ability each and every time he attacks.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Zhang Fei can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Zhang Fei is typically only good on his first turn as it is easy to lock on an enemy and spend all of the Attacks in your hand to try to hurt them.This drains him or Attacks to use outside of his turn to prevent damage from Duels and Barbarians. He can choose to save an Attack or two for a later time, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to use it as other characters could get armor, +1 Horses, or Capture to prevent him from attacking. It is often best to 'strike while the iron is hot.'

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei /Guo Jia/ Xun Yu - These characters can help Zhang Fei by replenishing his hand cards.
  • Zhen Ji - Zhen Ji can use any black card as Escape, so she has a very good chance at avoiding damage from Zhang Fei. 
  • Chen Gong - Chen Gong can only receive one unit of damage per turn, nullifying Zhang Fei's advantage of being able to Attack multiple times during one turn. 
  • Xiahou Dun, Sima Yi, Fa Zheng - These characters have retaliatory abilities that activate on a "per instance" basis. Because Zhang Fei's primary strategy is to Attack multiple times consecutively, these characters can activate their abilities on Zhang Fei multiple times. This can leave him with few units of health, few cards, or both after he gives his all to try to hurt them. 
 King Zhang Fei is one of the worst king choices. His primary strength does not lend itself well to longevity, which is a requirement for any good king choice.
Zhang Fei can be a satisfactory loyalist, as he can quickly do a lot of damage to a rebel on his first turn. However, he may not be as useful on subsequent turns.
 RebelThe rebel role probably suits Zhang Fei best, as he only has to kill one person to win. It is best if he sits to the ruler's immediate left, as they will probably be low on cards from all of the other rebels' turns and not be able to survive Zhang Fei's onslaught.
 SpyZhang Fei does not make for a very good spy due to the aforementioned lack of longevity.

Final Remarks:
The saying 'the candle that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long' has never been so fitting for a character as it is for Zhang Fei. As mentioned earlier, one is not forced to use all of the Attacks that they have in their hand, but it is often best to try to finish off enemies while they are open and you know they are out of Escapes. Besides, how often does someone equip the Crossbow to only use one Attack and save the rest for later? Zhang Fei's talent is honing in on a weak opponent and giving it everything he has to finish them quickly.

Alternate Appearances:
Zhang Fei 5