Yan Yan
Yan Yan 严颜

Loyalty 忠义
 During his turn, Yan Yan can decide to play with his hand face up.  He can then either bring himself to full health or heal any players one. 

Archer Rage 怒箭
 If Yan Yan is damaged while he has one blood, he can immediately perform hail of arrows.
  •  Yan Yan can only activate "Loyalty" once.  After that, the other player can always see his hand.
  •  "Archer Rage" happens before Yan Yan receives the damage.  It is possible that he kills someone between getting damaged himself and going to the brink of death.  
  •  If during Yan Yan's "Archer Rage", Yan Yan is damaged, the requirements are fulfilled again.  The old "Archer Rage" is disregarded, and a new one starts.  Afterwards however, Yan Yan receives all accumulated damage.  The person who first hurt him gets the credit.
  •  If Yan Yan is killed from 2 or more health, he will not get to activate "Archer Rage".