Xu Shu 12
Xu Shu 徐庶
Swords to Plowshares 化剑为犁

Punishment 诛害
If another player caused damage during their turn, Xu Shu can attack them at the end of their turn.  

Painstakingly Intelligent 潜心
Once per game, when Xu Shu causes damage outside of his turn and is not at full health, he must reduce his maximum by one and acquires Introduction.

Introduction 荐言‍
Once per turn, Xu Shu can choose a color or suit and reveal cards from the top of the deck until there is a card with the same properties.  Xu Shu then chooses any male player and they put this card in their hand.  The other cards are discarded.  
  • The player does not have to damage Xu Shu for him to use "Punishment".  It can be used to avenge any player that was damaged.  
  • "Painstakingly Intelligent" is limited to only one use.  If Xu Shu continues to cause damage outside of his turn while he is not at full health, his maximum will not continue to be reduced each time this happens.
  • When Xu Shu uses "Introduction", he knows the card before he chooses the person that will get that card.  When he does this, he can also target himself to receive that card.