Wu Yi
Wu Yi 吴懿
Building Power of Cavalry 建兴鞍辔

Distant Charge 奔袭
During his turn, whenever Wu Yi uses a card, he gets a bonus -1 horse until the end of his turn.  When all players are within his range, all other armor does not work and he can target an additional player with each attack.  
  • When Wu Yi uses cards with "Distant Charge", he gets a -1 for each card that he uses that turn.  If he uses three cards during the turn, he gets three -1 bonuses.  
  • If Wu Yi has an equipped -1 horse, this adds to the -1 bonuses that Wu Yi has.  
  • Wu Yi gets his bonuses from playing any kind of card.  The cards can be equipment, tools, or basic cards.  
  • When Wu Yi puts all other players in his range, all other armor does not work.  This counts for both tools and attacks.  If Wu Yi uses a card like Barbarians, other players with the Wood Armor, will still be affected.  Wu Yi will still have the benefits of his armor.