Wei Yan
Wei Yan 魏延
Bloodthirsty Lone Wolf 嗜血的独狼

Violent Spirit 狂骨
For each unit of damage that Wei Yan causes damage to somebody in his range, he regains one unit of health.
  • Wei Yan's "Violent Spirit" activates even when he hurts himself. However, if he brings himself to the brink of death, he must be saved with a Peach or Wine before regaining the additional unit of health.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Wei Yan is a very well-balanced character. "Violent Spirit" is both offensive and defensive, as he hurts another character and heals himself. In addition, he has four units of health.
  • "Violent Spirit" opens up possibilities involving Chains, Blaze, and other elemental damage-inducing cards. Wei Yan can target himself with Blaze and hurt himself and everyone who is Chained to him. Wei Yan will not suffer any net damage, as he heals himself with "Violent Spirit" after using Blaze. Additionally, he could possibly enjoy a net increase in health, so long as he damages other players in his physical range.
  • Aside from the second bullet point in the 'Strengths' column, there are very few advanced tactics that Wei Yan can employ. 
  • Wei Yan's "Violent Spirit" only activates when he damaged another character within his physical range. If he does not have any enemies in his physical range, his power is not useful.

Notable Relationships:
  • Xun Yu - If Wei Yan is having trouble damaging another character in his physical range, Xun Yu can use "Rouse the Tiger" to force Wei Yan to cause the damage without having to worry about the victim avoiding the damage by playing an Escape, Attack, etc.
KingWei Yan is a very mediocre king choice. His power will usually only allow him to regain one unit of health per turn. This is a problem if he receives a lot of attention from the rebels.
Wei Yan is a mediocre loyalist. His power does not benefit the king in any way beyond ensuring that the loyalist is alive and strong.
RebelWei Yan is a serviceable rebel, especially if he sits next to the king. However, if he is sitting next to his rebel allies, his power is not very useful.
SpyWei Yan is a good spy choice. Because he has no team, he should have no guilty conscience by hurting one of his neighbors. His four units of health and his power will help him stay alive for a long period of time.

Final Remarks:
Wei Yan is a good character for beginning players, but advanced players will probably find other characters more interesting and fun to use. In addition, there are not many possible team combinations between other characters and Wei Yan.