Sha Mo Ke 2
Sha Mo Ke 沙摩柯

Slam 猛撞
 Sha Mo Ke can target other player's equipment with attacks.  When he does this, the target does not get it's own ability.  If the attack hits, the target is discarded and Sha Mo Ke can discard another hand card from the victim.  

Riot 暴乱
 Sha Mo Ke is unaffected by barbarians.  If another player plays it, Sha Mo Ke can choose to lose one blood and barbarians is immediately played a second time.
  •  When Shao Mo Ke targets equipment with "Slam", the equipment cannot be used to protect itself.  For example, a black Attack can be used against the Black Shield and the Eight Trigrams cannot perform a judgment to protect itself.  If another player is just out of reach with a +1 horse, Sha Mo Ke cannot target the player, but he could in fact target the horse to get the player next turn.
  •  When "Riot" is used, the first round of Barbarians is completed first, with Sha Mo Ke forfeiting one blood during his turn.  Then after the last player is affected by the Barbarians, it takes affect as if it were played by Sha Mo Ke.