Pang Tong
Pang Tong 庞统
Young Phoenix 凤雏

Shackle 连环
Pang Tong can use any club hand card as Chains

Nirvana 涅槃
Once per game, when Pang Tong is on the brink of death, he can choose to discard all of his cards, draw three cards, and return with three units of health.
  •  With "Shakle," Pang Tong can use a club card to either Chain two people together or activate the 'redraw' function. 
  •  When a character is on the brink of death, everyone who is in play is prompted for a Peach to save the dying character. This process starts with the character who is taking their turn when the brink of death is reached and it goes to the right around the table. Pang Tong must choose to activate "Nirvana" when it is his turn in this process. This means that he cannot wait to see if other characters to his right have a Peach before using his power. When playing in person, these rules can be relaxed, as a teammate will likely tell you if they have a Peach for you, but this is usually not the case when playing online.
  •  When Pang Tong activates "Nirvana," he is set back to all initial conditions - i.e. he loses all time delay tool cards, he is unchained, and he is face up.
  •  If Pang Tong is the king and he uses "Nirvana," he only comes back with three units of health, even if there are five or more people playing and his maximum health is four. He can still use a Peach to heal back to his maximum of four after this power is activated, however.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Shackle" and "Nirvana" can be used in unison to make Pang Tong an excellent 'suicide character.' If he has the Wood Armor equipped and uses Blaze on himself, he can deal two units of damage to all characters who are chained to him. The same logic applies when Lightning is in play.
  • "Shackle" can be helpful when the trade-in function is used to get rid of non-useful club cards and redraw.
  • Nirvana is very useful since it gives him a second chance during the game. 
  • In most situations, "Shackle" is not an incredibly useful power. It is the most useful when Lightning is in play or when Zhang Jiao is king. 
  • It is easy to overestimate the power of "Nirvana." Pang Tong has no other defensive abilities, so he will likely experience his first death before other characters since he only has a maximum of three units of health. 

Notable Combinations:
  •  Zhang Jiao/Sima Yi - These characters are judgement tinkerers. When Lightning is in play, Pang Tong can Chain all enemies together and these characters can ensure that the enemies will be struck. Similar logic applies to Zhang Jiao's "Lightning Strike" ability.
  •  Heavy Damage Dealers (Lu Bu, Xu Chu, Diao Chan, etc) - Characters who can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time can kill Pang Tong quickly and make him use "Nirvana" early. 
 KingPang Tong is a decent, but not spectacular king. "Nirvana" is very useful since it essentially grants him a total of seven units of health when there are five or more characters to start, but "Shackle" is not the most useful ability to combat the rebels and stay alive. 
 LoyalistPang Tong is a good loyalist. "Nirvana" will ensure that he lasts a long time to help the king fight the rebels. He is an exceptionally good loyalist if the king is Zhang Jiao.
 RebelPang Tong is a good rebel. "Shakle" is very useful when trying to kill the king. He can chain the king to a loyalist or even a rebel to create another path through which his fellow rebels can damage the king.        
 SpyPang Tong is an adequate spy. "Nirvana" will help him live a long time, but he may not have the firepower to turn the tides when one team is winning over another.

Final Remarks:
Pang Tong is a decent character, but he is not as spectacular as he may seem to beginner characters. The use of "Nirvana" does not truly count as a 'fresh start' since everyone knows his role. If the three cards that he draws when he activates this power are not defensive, he may die within a couple of rounds for the second time. It is important to keep in mind that "Nirvana" is his only defensive ability. This is not meant to dissuade other players from using him, but it is important to keep all of this in mind so he is not used recklessly.