Ma Liang
Ma Liang 马良

Extradite 引渡
 When any player does a judgment, Ma Liang can discard any diamond to make that person redo the judgment or discard a red hand card and ignore the judgment.

Holy Blood 圣血
 Ma Liang can lose one blood to make both himself and any player within one distance draw two cards.

Relief 救济
Once per turn, Ma Liang can discard a red hand card to let any two players recover one blood.
  •  During "Extradite", Ma Liang get to see what the judgment is before using his power.  He must also do it in turn with all the judgment tinkerers.  Ma Liang can use equipment that are diamonds as well.
  •  Ma Liang must share the card he draws from "Holy Blood".  If there is no one available, then he cannot use this power. 
  •  Ma Liang can only use "Relief" during his turn and cannot save anyone from the brink of death.
Alternate Appearances:
Ma Liang 2