Ma Chao 15
Ma Chao 马超
One Rider Matches One Thousand 一骑当千

Horsemanship 马术
Ma Chao always has a -1 bonus.

Iron Calvary 铁骑
When Ma Chao attacks another player he can do a judgment and the target's optional abilities no longer work for the rest of the turn.  Unless the target discards a card of the same suit as the judgment, the cannot use an escape.  
  • "Horsemanship" is the same ability as the original Ma Chao.
  • When Ma Chao uses "Iron Calvary", the targets power's are nullified regardless of the judgment and the outcome of the attack.  
  • Ma Chao can only nullify optional abilities with "Iron Calvary".  This also includes once-per-game abilities.  The only powers that continue to work are ones that are not a choice.  On the these is Lu Bu's "Matchless".  Since Lu Bu does not have a choice to use his power or not, it is not nullified by "Iron Calvary".
  • If the target of "Iron Calvary" cannot use an Escape, they also cannot use their Eight Trigrams.