Liu Shan 3
Liu Shan 刘禅
Emperor 后主

Ease 安乐
 All single target tool cards are treated as capture.

Orders 循理
 During his action phase, Liu Shan can give up to two hand cards to any player.

Carefree 无忧
 Liu Shan cannot be targeted by barbarians, hail of arrows, or lightning.

Assist 辅政
 King Ability: Other members of Shu can give Liu Shan one hand card during their turn.
  •  Liu Shan cannot use or be targeted by any single target tool cards.  All these are treated as Capture.  All cards that target only one person are included, such as Starvation and Steal.  The tools that he can use include Draw Two, Harvest, and Chains.
  •  Liu Shan can use, but not be targeted by Barbarians and Hail of Arrows.