Liu Bei
Liu Bei 刘备
Hero Through Troubled Times 乱世的枭雄

Kindness 仁德
Liu Bei's can give any number of his hand cards to any players. If he gives away more than one card, he recovers one unit of health.

Fierce General 激将
King Ability: If Liu Bei needs to use an attack, he can ask any member of Shu to provide him one. 
  • Remember that Liu Bei can only give away hand cards via "Kindness." He cannot give away equipped cards.
  • When Liu Bei uses "Kindness," he gains one unit of health the moment he gives the second hand card to another player. Consider the following scenario - Liu Bei gives two cards away when he has max health (four units). He then loses a Duel, reducing he current health to three. If he gives a third card card away after losing the Duel, he does not regain any health.
  • When a character from Shu gives Liu Bei an Attack via "Fierce General," the action is considered to be taken on the part of Liu Bei. Therefore, Liu Bei's weapon takes effect and Liu Bei suffers any consequences for damaging the target.  
  • Liu Bei can use "Fierce General" when he wants to attack another player, when participating in a Duel, and when responding to Barbarians.
  • When players give attacks they can use their abilities to help them generate the card, e.g. Guan Yu can use a red card to give to Liu Bei, then Liu Bei uses it as an Attack. A member of Shu can also use the Serpent Spear to generate cards as well. Powers that take effect after the Attack is played do not take effect, e.g. Huang Zhong's power "Strong Bow" cannot be used through "Fierce General."
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Liu Bei is one of the best team players. He can give another character the exact cars that they need to effectively use their powers. 
  • "Fierce General" is a solid king power that helps him offensively during his turn and defensively outside of his turn when responding to Barbarians, Duels, and Coerce.
  • When all of Liu Bei's allies die, he is in a lot of trouble. It is usually not worth it to give two cards to an enemy to heal one unit of health.
  • During Liu Bei's first turn, he might not know to whom he should give cards.

Notable Combinations:

General Note - Listing all of the good combinations involving Liu Bei would be extremely tedious and not worthwhile. As a general rule, Liu Bei should give his allies cards that help them activate their powers (e.g. give Huang Yue Ying tools, Sun Shang Xiang equipment, Da Qiao diamonds, etc.). There are many combinations like this that will not be listed here. The beneficial combinations below focus on characters that can benefit Liu Bei with their powers.
  • Xun Yu - Liu Bei can give away all of his cards then, using the last one, do something that damages Xun Yu. Xun Yu can activate "Eternal Loyalty" and 're-fill' Liu Bei's hand. The process can then continue, so long as Liu Bei draws cards that he can use to hurt Xun Yu and Xun Yu has health and/or Peaches and Wine.
  • Guan Yu (with Liu Bei as king) - Liu Bei can use "Kindness" to give Guan Yu red cards, then immediately use "Fierce General" to ask him for Attacks. In effect, if Liu Bei plays his cards correctly (and Guan Yu in unquestionably loyal), Liu Bei can gain Guan Yu's "Fighting Saint" 
  • Xiao Qiao - Xiao Qiao can pass damage to Liu Bei and allow him to draw X (as many units of health he is missing after the transfer). If Liu Bei is low on health, he will draw many cards. During his turn, he can use "Kindness"  to heal the damage he caused and make sure the cards go to the characters who can make the most of them.
  • Da Qiao - Unlike her sister, Da Qiao can present big problems for Liu Bei. Not only can she easily Capture him, she can also Capture the people he gives cards to during his turn (assuming she sits to Liu Bei's right and his allies' left) and prevent them from using the cards that he gave them.
  • Gan Ning and Zhang Liao - These characters can destroy Liu Bei's hand and also get rid of the cards that he gave to his allies.
  • Xu Huang - Xu Huang can use "Blockade" to prevent Liu Bei from drawing cards and healing.
 King Liu Bei is not a very king choice if you are only using the base set of cards. His king power is good, but he is crippled when is loyalists die. Also, when Liu Bei is the center of attention of all of the rebels, it is easy for him to lose cards and health quickly. After some time, his turns become predictable - he starts his turn with zero cards, draws two, then gives the two cards to his loyalists to heal one unit of health. This process usually does not last very long, especially in a game of eight people. If you are using multiple expansions, Liu Bei becomes much more attractive. Some characters in these expansions can benefit Liu Bei with their powers, like Xun Yu and Lu Su. Other characters, like Yan Liang & Wen Chou and Tai Shi Ci can greatly benefit by getting cards from Liu Bei.
Liu Bei is a very good loyalist pick. It is easy to convince the king of your loyalty by simply giving him cards. Liu Bei is a particularly good loyalist pick for Zhang Jiao, as Liu Bei can give him both an Escape and a spade card and attack him all in the same turn. No other character can do all of that so effortlessly.
 RebelLiu Bei is also a good rebel pick so long as he has a couple of other rebel allies. As mentioned previously, Liu Bei can give other characters the cards that they need to activate their abilities. 
 SpyLiu Bei is generally not a good spy pick. While it is easy for Liu Bei to switch sides and keep the battle balanced by giving cards, he will have difficulties winning the one-on-one match with the ruler unless the ruler is very weak and Liu Bei is very strong. Also, when he switches sides, people will realize that he is the spy and they will not be quick to help him. They will realize that while he may be a friend for a little time, he will eventually give help to the other team. It is often good to tie up the loose ends and kill him. 

Final Remarks:
If you were to look up 'Team Player' in the dictionary, you would probably find Liu Bei's picture. He needs a team to be effective. Without a team, his "Kindness" ability is almost useless, as you would have to arm your enemies with cards that they will use against you so you can heal one unit of damage. 

Alternate Appearances:
Liu Bei 5
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