Jiang Wei 6
Jiang Wei 姜维

Loyal Heart 忠胆
 When Jiang Wei competes, he always has a +1 to his card.

Muster 敛兵
 Once per turn, Jiang Wei can compete with any player.  If he wins, he draws two.  If he loses, he must discard two hand cards.  

False Surrender 诈降
 When another player attacks Jiang Wei during their turn, Jiang Wei can discard two cards to void the attack and end that player's action phase.  

  •  Jiang Wei's cards are boosted for only compete.  Judgments remain unaffected.  When other players compete with him, using any power, Jiang Wei retains his +1.  The +1 applies to face cards as well.  A becomes a 2, 10 becomes J, J to Q, Q to K, and K becomes a K+1.  This beats what any other normal person could throw.
  •  If Jiang Wei loses the points duel in "Muster" and has less than two hand cards remaining, he must discard all his hand cards.