Jiang Wei
Jiang Wei 姜维
The Dragon's Mantle 龙的衣钵

Instigate 挑嚣
Once during his turn, Jiang Wei may select any player who has him in their attack range.  This character must attack you. If they do not, you may select one of their cards and discard it.

Follow the Master 志继
When Jiang Wei starts his turn with no hand cards, he must either regain one unit of health or draw two cards. Then, he decreases his maximum health by one and permanently acquire Astrology.  
  •      When using "Instigate," if you do not use a Dodge for the opponent's Attack, you will be damaged by the attack.
  •      Jiang Wei cannot discard pending judgement cards with "Instigate." These cards are not owned by anybody, and hence, cannot be discarded via this power.
  •      Remember, "Follow the Master" is not an optional power. Like all awakened abilities, it automatically goes into effect when the conditions are fulfilled.
  •      "Astrology" is Zhuge Liang's power that allows him to rearrange the top X cards of the deck before his judgement phase, X being the number of players in play or five, whichever number is lower.
  •      If "Follow the Master" is activated and the player opts to draw two cards, Jiang Wei receives these two cards before activating "Astrology." Jiang Wei then uses "Astrology" and proceeds to his drawing phase.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      "Instigate" is a great ability for employing card destruction strategies. Even if the target has an Attack card, they must play it to prevent Jiang Wei from discarding another card. This still results in a net loss of their cards.
  •      "Instigate" works very well with equipped armor, as this often provides Jiang Wei with extra protection against Attacks.
  •      "Follow the Master" is a nice ability because it gives Jiang Wei a couple of attractive options when it activates. Other awakened abilities simply reduce the maximum health limit without providing any other advantages other than acquiring a new power.
  •      "Astrology" is a wonderful power to gain. It works quite well with "Instigate" since Jiang Wei can ensure that he will have an Dodge card. 
  •      "Instigate" is not without its flaws. It inherently puts Jiang Wei in harm's way by asking another character to Attack him. More experienced players will grow savvy to this playing style and only Attack Jiang Wei during their turn if they have another Attack card to use during Jiang Wei's turn in response to this power.  
  •       If you do not have a Dodge card, it will be obvious to other players when you choose to not "Instigate." This may make them more likely to Attack you outside of their turn. 

Notable Combinations:
  •      Zhang Chun Hua/Lu Xun/Zhuge Liang - These characters either have abilities that dictate a certain number of cards in their hands at any one time or powers that activate with no hand cards. As a result, "Instigate" will not have a very negative impact on them.
  •      Guan Yu/Zhao Yun - These characters have powers that provide them with more Attack cards than the average player. Using "Instigate" on these characters will more than likely result in them Attacking you.
  •      Lu Bu/Ma Chao/Pang De/Xu Sheng - These characters have powers that make their Attacks more deadly or powerful. This makes "Instigate" a lot more dangerous for Jiang Wei.
  •      Deng Ai - Deng Ai's powers allow him to acquire Farm Tokens each time he loses cards outside of his turn. This will happen when Jiang Wei uses "Instigate."
 King     Jiang Wei is not a good king character. There is no need to "Instigate" the rebels, as they will be more than happy to Attack you at every chance they can get.
 Loyalist     Jiang Wei can be a competent loyalist. He can "Instigate" the rebels and possibly discard weapons and other equipment that allow them to reach the king. 
 Rebel     Jiang Wei is a decent rebel. He can "Instigate" the king and discard his cards. This is very helpful when the king is weak.
 Spy     Jiang Wei is a competent spy. With no motivation to Attack Jiang Wei outside of his turn, he can hold more Dodge cards for "Instigate" for his turn. 

Final Remarks:
     "Instigate" is best when Jiang Wei has armor and when he is targeting weak characters. When choosing a card to discard if a victim is unable to Attack you, be careful not to choose a weapon or -1 horse that will prevent them from reaching you. Remember, "Instigate" can only be used on characters who have you in their Attacking range. Additionally, equipping a +1 horse may be detrimental to using "Instigate." Activating "Follow the Master" should be a top priority, as "Astrology" is very helpful for Jiang Wei and his team.

Alternate Appearances:
Jiang Wei 14
Jiang Wei 13