Jian Yong
Jian Yong 简雍
Leisurely and Carefree as the Wind优游风议

Persuade 巧说
At the beginning of his action phase, Jian Yong can compete with any other character.  If he wins, he can increase or decrease the number of targets of his next basic or non-delay tool by one for this turn. There are no range restrictions the extra target. If he loses, he cannot use any tool cards for the rest of his turn.

Ignore Formalities 纵适
Whenever Jian Yong competes, he can keep the loser's competition card.
  • "Persuade" can be only used immediately after Jian Yong's drawing phase.
  • If Jian Yong uses "Persuade", and wins the competition without playing any basic or non-delay tools, the effects of "Persuade" then are forfeited.  The effects do not transfer to the next card by any player nor does the effect last until Jian Yong's next turn.  Each turn starts off with a 'clean slate'.
  • The following bullet points explain how Jian Yong's "Persuade" works when he uses various basic and tool cards:
    • For Attacks, Breaks, Steals, Blazes, and Duels, Jian Yong can target an additional person with any range. The first target must be within Jian Yong's attacking range however.
    • For Peaches, Wines, and Draw Twos, Jian Yong enjoys the benefit of the used card then he selects any other player. They get the same benefit as Jian Yong does. This includes Wine, but will only come to fruition if Jian Yong uses a Coerce with that character on that turn. 
    • For Barbarians, Hail of Arrows, Peach Garden, and Harvest, Jian Yong can reduce the number of targets by one.   During a Harvest, the number of cards turned over is not altered.
    • For Coerce, Jian Yong targets one character with a weapon in their equipment area, and prompts them to attack another character. He then repeats this process with another character with a weapon in their equipment area.
    • For Chains, Jian Yong chooses two characters to toggle their chain status. He can then choose to target a third character and as well or he can choose to not target one of the targets he initially chose when playing the Chains (though it is difficult to imagine a situation in which this second choice would be useful). If Jian Yong trades in the Chain, he cannot allow another character to draw a card and this does not count as the first card used during this turn.
  • Note that when Jian Yong successfully activates "Persuade," he can only increase/decrease the number of targets of the first basic/tool card played. Even if he chooses not to increase/decrease the number of targets of the first basic/tool card used, he cannot choose to increase/decrease the number of targets of any subsequent basic/tool cards used for the rest of the turn.
  • "Ignore Formalities" can be used in conjunction with the competition in used in "Persuade."
First Impressions:
Jian Yong is a lot of fun to use and he is very powerful. His two abilities work very well together. He can function similarly to Tai Shi Ci and Li Ru, so long as he wins his initial competition. When you do win this competition, always be careful to make sure that the first card that you use is the one that you want to target an additional character. It is easy to forget that only the first card can have an additional target. Jian Yong can also use "Persuade" to remove a card from an enemy without a net lose of cards on his part with "Ignore Formalities," so long as you are okay with not using tool cards during that turn.