Huang Zhong
Huang Zhong 黄忠
Old but Strong 老当益壮

Strong Bow 烈弓
When Huang Zhong attacks another character during his turn, he can make the attack unblockable if either of the following two conditions are true:
1- Huang Zhong's attack range is greater than or equal to the number of cards in the target's hand.
2- The amount of health that Huang Zhong has is less than or equal to the number of cards in the target's hand.
  • Huang Zhong cannot activate "Strong Bow" outside of his turn when he is the target of Mercenaries.
  • If Huang Zhong Attacks another character during his turn, he can choose to allow them to play an Escape even if either condition is fulfilled.
  • When either of the conditions of "Strong Bow" are true, no Escape can be played. This includes the armor properties of the Eight Trigrams and character abilities such as Cao Cao's "Escort" and Zhen Ji's "Overturned Country."
  • Outside of the ability of the Eight Trigrams, "Strong Bow" does not negate the abilities of armor - Huang Zhong cannot strike through the Wood Armor, Black Pommel, or Silver Helmet with "Strong Bow."
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Huang Zhong has one of the best offensive abilities in the game. While Lu Bu and Pang De have offensive abilities that make it costly to Escape, Huang Zhong's ability completely removes the option of using an Escape. Ma Chao's "Iron Cavalry" has the same effect, but he has to depend on a judgement card being red, whereas there are guidelines which Huang Zhong's power follows. This makes him more reliable than Ma Chao. 
  • Whenever Huang Zhong's attacking range is greater than or equal to his health minus one, it is impossible for either of the two conditions to be unfulfilled. This is usually the case whenever Huang Zhong has a weapon with a moderate range.
  • Huang Zhong is great against very defensive characters like Zhen Ji, Zhang Jiao, and Lu Meng. Many other characters have trouble getting around their defensive abilities.  
  • Huang Zhong is somewhat of a 'one-trick pony.' He does not have as many options as other characters and he is not very versatile
  • When Zhang Jiao is the king, Huang Zhong is a very high profile character. Zhang Jiao and his loyalists will often try to kill Huang Zhong first, which can happen quickly if Zhang Jiao is able to activate his ability a few times.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Guo Jia - These characters can keep an eye out for weapons and give them to him.
  • Chen Gong - Chen Gong can give Huang Zhong a weapon during his turn. 
  • Wu Guo Tai - Wi Guo Tai can be a good friend or foe. While she can force him to trade equipment with someone who has a weapon with a long range, she can also force him to lose a weapon. 
  • Yu Jin - Yu Jin cannot be targeted by black Attacks. While this condition is true for all characters that try to Attack him, Huang Zhong's only ability revolves around attacking, so he may be at somewhat more of a disadvantage than other characters that are trying to deal with him.  
 King Huang Zhong is not a good king choice. He has no defensive powers that prolong his life.
 LoyalistHuang Zhong is a good loyalist. He can fight the rebels easily and cause damage to them frequently.
 RebelHuang Zhong is an excellent rebel choice. If there are more than five people, the king will have an additional unit of health. At the end of their first turn, they will most likely be holding more hand cards than Huang Zhong has units of health, meaning he can Attack them brutally. He is particularly good against Zhang Jiao, but realize that if you choose Huang Zhong, the Zhang Jiao will automatically assume that you are a rebel and act accordingly. 
 SpyHuang Zhong is a mediocre spy pick. He can change the balance of the teams quickly if needed, but his lack of defensive abilities will hinder him if he is playing in a game that lasts a long time.

Final Remarks:
Huang Zhong is a very good character. He has a brutal yet dependable power that counters some of the most popular characters in the game, notably Zhen Ji and Zhang Jiao. When using him, always do your best to get a weapon, preferably one with a range of at least three. When attacking, do not be afraid to use Wine to do more damage to your victims. Also, it is a good idea to store an extra weapon in your hand whenever possible. Huang Zhong's weapons will frequently be targeted by Break, Steal, and Coerce by enemy forces. It is always good to keep a spare!

Alternate Appearances:
Huang Zhong 2