Huang Yue Ying
Huang Yue Ying 黄月英
Veiled Heroine 归隐的杰女

Gathering Wisdom 集智
Whenever Huang Yue Ying uses a non-delay tool card, she immediately draws a card

Wondrous Talent 奇才
Whenever Huang Yue Ying uses a tool card, she has no range restrictions.
  • The card that Huang Yue Ying draws from "Gathering Wisdom," is available to Huang Yue Ying for immediate use. For example, if she plays a Duel and draws an Attack, she can use it when responding to her opponent's Attack cards. In addition, she gets to draw the card even if the tool card is Negated.
  • When Huang Yue Ying trades in the Chains, she only draws one card. This is because the swap function is not considered to be using the tool card. 
  • "Wondrous Talent" applies to Steal and Starvation. The other characters can only use these cards within the physical range, whereas Huang Yue Ying can use these cards on anybody regardless of their position relative to her.
  • Huang Yue Ying can draw an additional card when she uses Negate outside of her turn.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Huang Yue Ying can be one of the most powerful characters in the game because she has the potential to create a self-repeating cycle. With each of her draws, she has the chance of drawing another tool card.
  • Draw 2 and Harvest are very good for Huang Yue Ying. With Draw 2, Huang Yue Ying draws three cards due to her "Assembling Wisdom" and some of these cards may be tool cards. Harvest is great because Huang Yue Ying gets the additional card and she gets the first choice of all of the cards that are flipped over. She has a good chance of being able to get another tool card from her Harvest
  • Huang Yue Ying is at the mercy of her luck. If she draws no tool cards, she has no advantage over any other character. This is especially crippling because she only has three units of health.
  • Huang Yue Ying has very little to fall back on for defense. The only thing that comes to mind is that she draws a card each time she uses Negate. She can use this card outside of her turn and possibly draw a Peach or Escape to keep her alive longer. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Gou Jia - Huang Yue Ying's best friend is Gou Jia. During her turn, she can Attack him or damage him with a tool card and he can give her tool cards that he draws from his power. This cycle can repeat itself so long as they have Peaches to save Gou Jia.
  • Liu Bei - Liu Bei can give Huang Yue Ying tool cards during his turn.
  • Younger Zhuge Liang - Zhuge Liang can use black cards as Negates to take curb Huang Yue Ying's power. While he cannot stop Huang Yue Ying from drawing the additional cards, he can take the sting out of her tool-card-induced rampage.
 King Huang Yue Ying is a mediocre king. She can benefit from the extra unit of health when there are more than four players, but her lack of defensive abilities will hurt her. The only thing that can make up for her low health and little defensive capabilities is her outstanding offensive abilities.
Huang Yue Ying is good as a loyalist. If she picks on the rebels one by one, she can kill them and draw the three additional cards to perpetuate the cycle. 
 RebelHuang Yue Ying is great as a rebel. She can focus all of her efforts on the king and strip him of all of his cards. She will probably not be able to finish him on a single turn, but one of her allies may have a good chance at doing significant damage after she weakens him.
 SpySurprisingly, Huang Yue Ying is a very good spy. When she gets the right cards, she has a good chance of finishing off a character late in the game when everyone is weak. If this person is a rebel, she draws three cards and the process could potentially continue.

Final Remarks:
Huang Yue Ying is one of the most dangerous characters in the game, second only to Huang Gai. The only thing that holds her back from being the best character in the game is the fact that she is almost completely reliant on being lucky to get tool cards. At her best, she is probably the best character in the game. At her worst, she is very mediocre. If you choose Huang Yue Ying, you must realize that you will be a big target for the enemy team. 

Alternate Appearances:
Huang Yue Ying 4