Huang Wu Die
Huang Wu Die 黄舞蝶
Excellence 青出于蓝

Powerful Bow 强弓
When Huang Wu Die attacks someone, she can attack anyone within one distance.

Skilled Rider 神骑
While Huang Wu Die has a +1 horse equipped, her maximum health increases by one.  Each time Huang Wu Die equips a -1 horse, she recovers one health.
  • Huang Wu Die can attack the same person twice with "Powerful Bow".
  • "Skilled Rider" can only be used to increase the maximum health while the +1 horse is equipped.  If she loses the horse later on, her maximum health decreases back down to normal.
  • Huang Wu Die recovers one each time she equips a -1 horse.  This is even if she already has one equipped and replaced.