Guan Yu
Guan Yu 关羽
Bearded Gentleman 美须公

Fighting Saint 武圣
Guan Yu can use any red card as an attack.
  •  Guan Yu's "Fighting Saint" allows him to use any of his red cards as Attack, whether they are equipped or in his hand. If he uses an equipped card to attack, he sacrifices the properties of the equipment. For example, if he has a red Crossbow and uses several red cards to attack, he cannot then discard the Crossbow to attack again, as he would be giving up the Crossbow and hence his ability to continue to attack. Similarly, he could not discard a -1 Horse to attack someone outside of his reach after the horse is discarded.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Guan Yu has very good offensive abilities. He can practically attack any turn with "Fighting Saint."
  • Guan Yu's "Fighting Saint" also helps him a lot defensively, as he can use any red card to respond to Duels, Barbarians, and Mercenaries.
  • Guan Yu is a very well balanced character that can respond to many situations and play most roles effectively.
  • Guan Yu is a very straightforward character. His ability is nice, but there is not a lot of room for advanced tactics when using him.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei (with Liu Bei as king) - Liu Bei can use "Kindness" to give Guan Yu red cards, then immediately use "Fierce General" to ask him for Attacks. In effect, if Liu Bei plays his cards correctly (and Guan Yu in unquestionably loyal), Liu Bei can gain Guan Yu's "Fighting Saint." 
  • Zhang Jiao - Zhang Jiao is dependent upon other characters to activate his ability by attacking him. Guan Yu has the best chance of being able to attack him and activate his power on a consistent basis.
  • Zhen Ji  - Zhen Ji's "River Goddess" and "Overturned Country" abilities keep her well stocked with Escapes that she can use to dodge his Attacks.
 King Guan Yu is not a stellar king choice. His large amount of health and well-balanced ability would make him a better pick than many other characters, but he is still not defensive enough to match most of the standard king choices.
Guan Yu is a good loyalist pick, especially if the king was unfortunate enough to pick Liu Bei. His ability to fight is useful when trying to kill the rebels as quickly as possible.
 RebelGuan Yu is also a good rebel pick. His ability to fight can also be turned against the king. 
 SpyGuan Yu is a good spy pick. He is well balanced in offense and defense and he has four units of health. He can survive the long-term battle and still have enough fight in him to go one-on-one with the king at the end.

Final Remarks:
Guan Yu is a good beginner's pick as his power is straightforward to use and useful in many situations. However, as mentioned previously, there is little else that he can do outside of attacking frequently. This limits his potential to do large amounts of damage in short amounts of time. 

Alternate Appearances:
Guan Yu 6