Guan Yin Ping
Guan Yin Ping 关银屏
Battle Maiden 武姬

Blood Sacrifice 血祭
Once per turn, if Guan Yin Ping is damaged, she can discard a red card and choose up to X characters in her attack range, X is the difference between Guan Yin Ping's maximum and current health levels. Each of these characters is damaged one then draws one

Tiger 虎啸
When Guan Yin Ping's attack is blocked by an escape during her turn, she can attack the same target again.

Follow Heritage 武继
Once per game at the end of her turn, If Guan Yin Ping has caused at least three damage during her turn, she increases her maximum by one, recovers one, and permanently loses Tigers.

  • To activate "Blood Sacrifice," Guan Yin Ping can discard any red-suited card, in her hand or equipped. However, if she discards an equipped weapon or -1 Horse, she sacrifices the range of the card before calculating her attacking range.
  • Note that the targets of "Blood Sacrifice" each receive the damage before drawing one card. As a result, if Guan Yin Ping takes a target to the brink of death with this ability, they must be saved before they can draw one card.
  • "Tigers" can be activated as many times during her turn as Guan Yin Ping would like, so long as she has the Attack cards to continue to play. Essentially, Guan Yin Ping can keep attacking until one of her Attacks deals damage.
  • If Guan Yin Ping attacks one character and they play an Escape, Guan Yin Ping can choose any character in her Attack range when attacking again via "Tigers." There is no stipulation in this ability that mandates her to play all of the Attack cards on a single target. 
  • Remember that "Follow the Heritage" is an Awakened Ability and Guan Yin Ping cannot choose to not activate it at the end of her turn if she has dealt three units of damage. 
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • With her abilities, Guan Yin Ping can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • "Blood Sacrifice" is useful because it causes direct damage, bypasses most defensive abilities, and can target multiple enemies depending on Guan Yin Ping's health level.
  • "Follow the Heritage" increases Guan Yin Ping's health level by one, making "Blood Sacrifice" more powerful.
  • Aside from the one-time increase in current and maximum health levels via the activation of "Follow the Heritage," Guan Yin Ping has absolutely no defensive abilities. This is particularly troublesome before "Follow the Hertiage" is activated, as Guan Yin Ping only has three units of health at this time. 
  • "Tigers" is not particularly useful unless Guan Yin Ping has two or more Attack cards and a Wine. With this ability, the player using Guan Yin Ping is encouraged to play as many Attacks as possible during their turn. This may work against them if they are targeted by Barbarians or Duel outside of their turn.
  • The usefulness of "Blood Sacrifice" when Guan Yin Ping has multiple units of health missing is entirely dependent upon her attacking range. As a result, she usually needs a weapon or a -1 Horse to target multiple enemies at a time with this ability. She can be frustrating to use when one or more of her neighbors is an ally (this happens more often than one would expect).
  • Characters with retaliatory abilities or damage-activated abilities are bad targets for "Blood Sacrifice," as they are already compensated with one card via this ability and they can activate their ability to either harm Guan Yin Ping or further help themselves or their team.

Notable Combinations:
  • Hua Tuo/Wu Guo Tai/Cheng Pu - These characters can help to keep Guan Yin Ping alive with few units of health. This increases the usefulness of "Blood Sacrifice."
  • Zhang He/Wu Guo Tai/Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong/Chen Gong/Cao Hong - These characters can give Guan Yin Ping equipment cards and -1 Horses, increasing her range for the use of "Blood Sacrifice." However, it should be noted that Wu Guo Tai and Zhang He can remove these cards from Guan Yin Ping's equipment area easily and reduce the usability of this ability, giving them the potential to be helpful allies or formidable enemies.
  • Fa Zheng/New Fa Zheng/Xiahou Dun/Sima Yi - These characters have retaliatory abilities that can pose a threat to Guan Yin Ping if she causes them direct damage via "Blood Sacrifice."
  • Xun Yu/Guo Jia - These characters have damage-activated abilities that they can use to help themselves or their teammates. As a result, "Blood Sacrifice" is a bad way to damage them, as they draw an additional card via this ability.
  • New Ling Tong/Gan Ning/SP Gan Ning - These characters have abilities that allow them to easily destroy Guan Ying Ping's weapons and -1 Horses. As a result, they pose a serious threat to her offensive prowess. 
KingGuan Yin Ping is a bad king choice, as she starts with few units of health and is the center of attention in this role. With multiple rebels trying to kill her, she may die before she can activate "Follow the Heritage."
LoyalistGuan Yin Ping is a serviceable, but not outstanding loyalist. With multiple targets, she can make use of "Blood Sacrifice," but it is important to note that she is an easy target for the rebels as a weak link in the kings team.
RebelGuan Yin Ping is a serviceable, but not outstanding rebel. Again, her offensive powers are nice, but with a three card bounty one her head, no defensive abilities and only three units of health at the beginning of the game, she will be a huge target for the king and his/her loyalists. 
SpyInterestingly enough, Guan Yin Ping seems to be best suited for the spy role, as she will never be the biggest target for either team and she can almost always reach enemies (rebels/loyalists). However, it is critical that Guan Yin Ping makes it very well known that she is the spy. If the other players at the table believe she is a rebel/loyalist, she may die early.

Final Remarks:
All in all, Guan Yin Ping is mediocre. In order to be competitive, she must have several targets in her attacking range and an ally that can help to keep her alive at low health. All too often, it is easy to Break or Steal her weapon and cripple her offensive abilities. With no defensive abilities to fall back on, she can die very quickly. All of this is unfortunate because her abilities are very creative. She has an awakening ability that 'acts in reverse,' as most awakening abilities force the user to lower their maximum health level by one and gain an ability while Guan Yin Ping's "Follow the Heritage" forces her to increase her maximum health level by one and lose an ability. Also, her abilities are a very creative tribute to her father, Guan Yu. Like Guan Yu, she can cause damage easily with red-suited cards (Guan Yu can use red-suited cards as Attacks while Guan Yin Ping can discard red-suited cards to deal direct damage) and "Tigers" works in a similar way to Guan Yu's weapon, the Green Dragon Blade. To be fair, it is difficult to expect the designer of this card to make a good character modeled after Guan Yu, since he is one of the weaker characters in the game (despite the fact that there are three characters that were designed specifically to be weak to him).