Guan Xing & Zhang Bao
Guan Xing & Zhang Bao 关兴&张苞
General Family's Tiger Sons 将门虎子

Paternal Souls 父魂
Guan Xing & Zhang Bao can skip their drawing phase to flip over the top two cards of the deck. If they are not the same color, they acquire "Roar" and "Fighting Saint" for the rest of their turn. Either way, they keep the cards they displayed.  
  • "Roar" is Zhang Fei's ability. It allows him to Attack as many times as he would like during his turn without restriction.
  • "Fighting Saint" is Guan Yu's ability. It allows him to use any red card as an Attack.
  • Guan Xing & Zhang Bao cannot use "Paternal Souls" if they are the victim of Starvation.
  • Note that the effects of "Paternal Souls" last only for the turn that they use this ability. They cannot use "Fighting Saint" outside of their turn even if "Paternal Souls" is successful.
  • The two cards flipped over by "Paternal Souls" are not judgement cards and hence cannot be altered via judgement-tinkering abilities. 

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Guan Xing & Zhang Bao are very aggressive and powerful when "Paternal Souls" successfully activates. They have a good chance of finishing off an enemy during their turn if they started with a full hand.
  • Guan Xing & Zhang Bao are a lot of fun to use.
  • Guan Xing & Zhang Bao often only successfully activate their ability "Paternal Souls" once in a game. After they exhaust their resources on their first successful turn, it may take too long to 'recharge' before they die or before the game ends.
  • There is no guarantee that "Paternal Souls" will be successful when they want to strike.
  • When these two use "Paternal Souls," all players see the cards that they draw. For example, if these two do not draw any Escapes with this ability, all of their enemies will know this and they will punish them.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Guo Jia/Xu Shu/Chen Gong - These characters can give Guan Xing & Zhang Bao cards. This will be helpful when they want to activate "Paternal Souls."
  • Xun Yu - Xun Yu's "Eternal Loyalty" can refill Guan Xing & Zhang Bao's hand. This is always useful for them, but it is most powerful during a turn in which they successfully activate "Paternal Souls." Guan Xing & Zhang Bao can exhaust their hand then Attack Xun Yu. Xun Yu can then refill them while the effects of "Paternal Souls" are still active.
  • Xiahou Dun/Fa Zheng/Sima Yi/Cai Wen Ji - These characters have retaliatory abilities that are activated on a 'per-instance' basis. This will make it expensive for Guan Xing & Zhang Bao to Attack them multiple times during their turn.
  • Chen Gong - Chen Gong's "Delayed Wisdom" will prevent Guan Xing & Zhang Bao from damaging him multiple times in one turn.
 KingGuan Xing & Zhang Bao are a terrible king choice, unless you just want to have fun and do not care about winning. 
 LoyalistGuan Xing & Zhang Bao can be good loyalists. When the time is right, they can kill a rebel during their turn. Because they draw three cards per rebel killed, they may be able to perpetuate the cycle.
 RebelGuan Xing & Zhang Bao can be good rebels. When they direct their talents against the king, they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
 SpyGuan Xing & Zhang Bao are not a good spy choice. Their power does not help keep them alive for a long period of time and it cannot be consistently activated.

Final Remarks:
These two are a lot of fun to use, but we have a serious complaint about the lack of originality in their ability. Come on! Everyone who has played the Double General mode has thought of the Guan Yu/Zhang Fei combination. It is too bad that the designer of the card could not have found some way to duplicate their aggressive yet inconsistent ability without just copying the two abilities of their fathers. Anyway, when using them, only use "Paternal Soul" when you are ready to use several Attacks on one target. Also, if you use "Paternal Souls" unsuccessfully on your first turn, it may be better not to 'blow your cover.' Be patient and do not Attack anyone until this ability works (unless the other players use deduction to figure out your role earlier). Also, be ready to accept the fact that you may be able to only activate this ability once per game. These two function in a very similar way to Huang Gai.