Guan Suo
Guan Suo 關索

Volunteer 义勇
 During his turn, Guan Suo can give one hand card to the player with the least blood.  Then he can use any red card as a duel.

Fragrance 撷芳
 When he uses a heart to duel a female, the target cannot use an attack.  
  •  If more than one player have the least health, Guan Suo can choose which one to give the card to.  
  •  After he gives a card, Guan Suo can throw equipped cards away to duel other players.  The card he gives must be from his hand though. 
  •  When Guan Suo uses red cards as Duel, these can be negated.  This is even the case when he duels a female with a heart.  A Negate is the only way to save her.