Guan Feng
Guan Feng 关凤
Tiger Dress 虎衣

Military Beauty 武姬
When Guan Feng does not have a weapon equipped, her attacks have unlimited reach.  When she does have a weapon equipped, the range is increased by one.  

Stand Guard 守身
Guan Feng can put a hand card face down into her armor spot.  When she is attacked with the same suit as her armor card, she flips it up and then uses it as an attack to any player in her attack range.  
  • If Guan Feng uses "Stand Guard" when she already has armor, her armor is discarded and replaced with the hand card she places there.
  • When Guan Feng is attacked and uses "Stand Guard", she can target any player within her attack range.  This also includes the player that attacked Guan Feng.  
  • If Guan Feng begins her turn and still has her card for "Stand Guard", the card stays there.  It stays until she uses it when attacked or replaces it with armor.