Fa Zheng 2
Fa Zheng 法正

Tower 奇谋
 When Fa Zheng uses a non delay tool against a single target, he can then target a second person with the same tool.

Remonstrate 劝谏
 Once per turn, Fa Zheng can put a card in front of another player.  That player must play that card during their next turn if possible.  
  •  When Fa Zheng uses "Tower", the second time he uses a tool card can be negated, since he simply is recycling the card.  If the first use is negated, he can still use "Tower", but he cannot target the same person.  
  •  When Fa Zhen gives a player a card, they will have to use it on their next turn.  That player will, however, get to choose the target of the card.  
  •  When Fa Zheng puts a card in front of a player, and they are unable to use it, the card goes into their hand after their action phase.  They can then keep it or discard it.