Bao San Niang 2
Bao San Niang 鲍三娘

Holding Division 承师
During her turn if her attack is escaped, Bao San Niang can use any heart hand card as an attack for the rest of the turn.  If she escapes an attack outside of her turn, Bao San Niang can use any club hand card as an escape for the rest of that turn.  

Guard 镇守
At the beginning of her turn, Bao San Niang can draw three cards.  If she does this, her turn immediately ends.  
  • Bao San Niang only gets to use "Holing Division" after she attacks or escapes the first time with a real card.  After she does that, then she gets to use other cards.  
  • Bao San Niang uses "Guard" at the very beginning of her turn, even before her judgment phase.  After she uses it, her turn ends.  She does not get a judgment phase, action phase, or discard phase.