Spy 内奸

The spy wins if he kills the king after all other players have been killed.  

The spy loses if the king dies before all other players have been killed or the spy dies.  
  • It is very important that the spy and the king be the only people alive before the king is killed for the spy to win.  If there is even one other person still alive, the spy cannot win.  
  • If there are two spies in a game, they must eventually kill each other before one can win.  They are not on a team together.
  • The spy must kill all the players that are not the king, but does not need to do it all personally.  As long as all the enemies end up dead one way or another and then king is killed, the spy wins.
  • If a spy is killed, that spy cannot win.  Even if there is another spy that does win, that spy wins and the dead one loses.  
  • If a spy is killed, that player gains nothing.  They neither draw nor discard.
  • If a spy eliminates all other players then kills the king, the spy wins.  Even though the king has been killed, the rebels do not win.  The reason is that the spy's victory takes precedence over the rebel's.