Rebel 反贼

The rebels win if the king dies.  

The rebels lose if any of the other roles win.
  • The rebels do not need to deliver the killing blow to the king to win the game.  As long as the king is killed by someone or something (and no one else wins), the rebels win.  This even includes if the Lightning strikes the king and kills him without any intervention whatsoever.  
  • If a rebel is killed, it does not impact the requirements of them winning.  The rebels can win even after each one of them is dead.  
  • If a player kills a rebel, they draw three cards.  This is even the case if one rebel kills another rebel.  
  • The rebels only lose in lieu of another role's victory.  This could be the king (and loyalists) or the spy.  If the king is killed and the spy wins, the rebels do not win.  If the king kills all the rebels and spy, the king wins and the rebels lose.