Overlord 霸王

The overlord is similar to the king in that he also keeps his role card face up.  If you draw this card you must flip it over to reveal that you are the overlord.  The overlord gets to choose his general after seeing who all the other generals are.  The overlord is given a selection from god characters. 

The overlord wins by killing all other players.

The overlord loses if he is killed or another role wins.  
  • When the overlord chooses his general, it is after all other players have chosen and shown their's.  The choices that the overlord gets are not set in stone.  As written, it states to choose from the god characters.  We have found that with standard assortment of gods, that is not enough.  We boost the maximum health of the overlord by one as well.  This way he is more competitive in the game.
  • When the overlord kills any other player, he draws two cards.  This is even if the victim is a rebel.  
  • The overlord can kill the king before all other players are dead.  If he does this, the game does not end.  The overlord immediately becomes the new king and all remaining player become rebels.  After all that, the game continues.
  • If a player kills the overlord, they draw four cards.  
  • If a player heals the overlord while he is on the brink of death, that player draws two cards.  
  • The overlord only loses if he is killed or if another role wins first.  The only way this can happen is if the king is killed by someone else.  If that is the case, the rebels would win.