Loyalist 忠臣

To win, the loyalists must kill all other players that are not the king.  This is the same winning condition that is the king.  

The loyalists lose if the king dies.  
  • The loyalists must kill all the players that are not the king, but do not need to do it all personally.  As long as all the enemies end up dead one way or another and the king is still alive, the loyalists win.
  • The loyalists win at the same time as the king.  Both parties win or lose together. 
  • If a loyalist is killed, it does not impact the requirements of them winning.  The loyalists can win even after each one of them is dead.  
  • If the king kills a loyalist, the king loses all his cards.  Both cards that are equipped and in the hand are lost.  If the king has any pending cards on him, those remain.
  • If a loyalist is killed by a player that is not the king, that player gains nothing.  They neither draw nor discard.