King 主公

The king is unique from the other members of the game in that he is the only role card that remains face up.  If you draw this card from the lot you must flip it over to reveal that you are the king.  Once everyone else has their role card, the king must first choose the character that they will be.  The king is given a selection from both the king characters and all the others as well.  After the king has selected a general, it is shown to all other players before they choose their own character.  If there are five or more players, the king also increases their maximum health by one.  

To win, the king must kill all other players that are not the loyalist.  Once they have all been killed, the king is victorious.  

If the king is killed, he loses.  When the king dies, the game immediately ends and a winner is declared.  
  • When the king selects his general, there is no firm rule about how many choices he gets.  If using only the original set of cards, the king is given the three king choices (Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan) in addition to two other choices from the remainder of the deck.  Since there are many more options for both king and non-king, this number can be increased at discretion.  How we do it is to have the deck of king choices, and give the king five of those in combination with three of the other generals at random.  That way the king can choose from any of those eight.
  • If the king chooses a king choice, that character's king ability will be active.  These abilities will only work while being used as the king.
  • If there are five or more total players on the field, the king increases his maximum health by one.  This happens even if the king did not choose a king choice.  If there are four or fewer players, the king uses his general as it is printed.  
  • The king must kill all the players that are not loyalists, but does not need to do it all personally.  As long as all the enemies end up dead one way or another and the king is still alive, the king wins.  
  • The king wins at the same time as the loyalists.  Both parties win or lose together.  
  • If the king kills a loyalist, the king loses all his cards.  Both cards that are equipped and in the hand are lost.  If the king has any pending cards on him, those remain.  This happens as soon as the loyalist is killed.  It is usually catastrophic if the king does this.