Zhuge Liang 7
Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮
Loyal Spirit at Wu Zhang 五丈原忠魂

Playing God 装神
At the beginning of his turn, Zhuge Liang can do a judgment.  If it is black, Zhuge Liang can choose any other character in play and acquire all of their abilities until the beginning of his next turn.  

Oracle 奇门
Zhuge Liang cannot be targeted by any delay tool cards.
  • When Zhuge Liang uses "Playing God" and selects a king character, he also acquires their respective king ability.  These would only come into effect if Zhuge Liang was king.  It does not matter if the target himself is king.  If Zhuge Liang can use one of these powers, it would apply to the country designated by the power not to the Demon Kingdom.  For example, if Zhuge Liang is king and selects someone playing as Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang would have the ability to use "Escort".  When he does that, only members of Wei, even Cao Cao, can play an escape for him.  None of the members of the Demon Kingdom can.  
  • If Zhuge Liang acquires or distributes tokens while he posses other abilities, these remain in place.  If Zhuge Liang switches to a different character on the following turn, the tokens become ineffective, but remain if he switches back.  For example, if Zhuge Liang chooses God Lu Bu and causes damage, he will gain Rage Tokens.  If he does not have God Lu Bu next turn, he still keeps him Rage Tokens, but does not get to do anything with them while he isn't God Lu Bu.  He must switch back to make them functional.
  • Zhuge Liang can use single use abilities using "Playing God".  He only gets to use them once per game though, and he must use them when he has the power of the selected character.  After it is used, he cannot do it again, even if he switches his choice for "Playing God" and switches back.  
  • "Oracle" prevents Zhuge Liang from being targeted by any delay tool card, even helpful ones.  This also applies to the Lightning.  Since he cannot be targeted by it, he cannot play it if he draws it.  It also skips over him if it is already in play. This is much the same as Jia Xu with "Curtain".