Zhu Rong 3
Zhu Rong 祝融夫人
野美人 Wild Beauty

Giant Elephant 巨象
Whenever another character plays barbarians, Zhu Rong is not affected. After all other effects have been concluded, Zhu Rong places the card in her hand.

Intense Edge 烈刃
Whenever Zhu Rong damages another character with an attack or throw knife, she can compete with the character. If she wins, she can take one of their cards and puts it in her hand.

Dark Mark 暗标
When Zhu Rong uses throw knife, there are no distance limitations.
  • "Giant Elephant" is the same power as the original Zhu Rong.
  • "Intense Edge" is almost the same power as before.  The only difference is that Zhu Rong can now use Throw Knife in addition to an Attack to activate the original power.