Zhen Ji 8
Zhen Ji 甄姬
The Goddess of the River 洛水之神

Wind Reversal 流风
Outside of her turn, whenever she loses a card, she draws another one.  

Returning Snow 回雪
She can target any male.  He must choose fro both he and Zhen Ji to discard a hand card and heal, or for Zhen Ji to lose one health he gets damaged from her and they both draw one.  
  • "Wind Reversal" is much like Lu Xun's "Linked Camps", but better as she will always draw/
  • If Zhen Ji loses an equipped card outside of her turn, she will draw from "Wind Reversal".  She will not draw if she loses a pending card on her.  
  • When she targets a male with "Returning Snow", he cannot choose to heal if he is at full health.