Zhao Yun 8
Zhao Yun 赵云
Singular Body of Courage 一身是胆

Deception 追魂
Zhao Yun can discard X hand cards.  For the rest of the turn, his attacks and duel will cause 1+X damage to players with hand cards.  At his next drawing phase, his general card is out of the game.  

Black Pommel 青红
Whenever Zhao Yun attacks anyone, that player's armor is ineffective.  

Savior 救主
Whenever Zhao Yun is at brought to the brink of death, he can choose any other player to recover three health.  
  • If Zhao Yun uses "Deception" and causes damage to a player without any hand cards, that damage is just the normal amount.  
  • "Black Pommel" is the same as the weapon Black Pommel.
  • Zhao Yun cannot choose himself or anyone with full health when he uses "Savior".