Sima Yan 4
Sima Yan 司马炎
Founding a Benevolent Country 开国仁君

Unite 一统
During his turn, Sima Yan can use any hand card as a Unity.  These cards are put face-down on the table.  There can be up to four unity cards.  If Sima Yan begins a turn with four unity cards, he can exchange them with his hand cards at the beginning of his action phase.  When Sima Yan receives damage, he can discard two Unity cards to reduce the damage by one.  

Founding 开国
During his turn, Sima Yan can reveal and discard all of his Unity cards.  If there are four different suits, he can make any other player lose one health.

Prosperity 昌盛
King Ability: Sima Yan's hand limit is increased by two for every other member other member of Jin that is still alive.
  • When Sima Yan uses "Founding", he does not cause damage.  The player loses health much tlike they would do if they were hit by Zhang Chun Hua.
  • Sima Yan's "Prosperity" is the same as Yuan Shao's "Bloodline", except for the county.