Meng Huo 3
Meng Huo 孟获
Southern Barbarian King 南蛮王

Culprit 祸首
Meng Huo is not affected by barbarians and is always considered the source of any damage it causes.

Resurgence 再起
At the beginning of his turn, if Meng Huo is not at full health, he can skip drawing to flip over X cards from the top of the deck.  X is equal to the difference between his current and maximum health. For each heart that is flipped, Meng Huo recovers one health. The heart cards are discarded and the rest of the cards go into Meng Huo's hand.

Overrun 纵横
King Ability: When any member of the Barbarians begins their turn, he can change any player to become a member of Shu.  For every member of the Barbarians that is alive, Meng Huo increases his maximum health by one.   
  • "Culprit" and "Resurgence" are the same as the original Meng Huo's powers.
  • When using "Overrun", Meng Huo can change the allegiance of any person at the table.  This included himself and even the person taking their turn.  
  • The second part of "Overrun" is not optional,  Much like Yuan Shao, both rebel and loyal members of the Barbarians will contribute.