Ji Ping 6
Ji Ping 吉平
Imperial Doctor 宫廷御医

Extract 煎药
Ji Ping can discard a peach or a wine and choose any player.  That player recovers one and Ji Ping draws a card.  

Poisoning 投毒
Once per turn, Ji Ping can put any card as a pending card on any other player.  At the beginning of their turn, they will do a judgment.  If the suit of the judgment does not match the suit of the pending card, that player will lose one health.  
  • Ji Ping can target himself with "Extract".
  • "Extract" cannot be used on a player that is already at full health.  
  • Ji Ping can use hand cards or equipment for "Poisoning".  
  • There is no range restriction for "Poisoning", just like for Capture.