Huang Fu Song 2
Huang Fu Song 皇甫嵩
Great General of Later Han 汉末名将

Bandit Assault 荡寇
When Huang Fu Song attacks another player and they use an escape, Huang Fu Song can then duel that player.  

Bowmanship 习弓
When Huang Fu Song does not have a weapon equipped, he has an attacking range of three.  
  • Huang Fu Song does not need to player a card to duel someone using "Bandit Assault".  He just decides if he wants to.
  • When using "Bandit Assault", it is treated as if Huang Fu Song had played a Duel.  This means that the target will have to play the first Attack.  
  • Huang Fu Song can use equipped horses in conjunction with "Bowmanship" to further increase his range.