DuoSi 2
Duo Si 朵思大王
Lord of Tu Long Cave 秃龙洞洞主

Poison Arrows 毒矢
Whenever Duo Si causes damage, it is increased by one if he has a bow or crossbow equipped.

Fear of Dust 惧土
The distance between Duo Si and any member of Shu is reduced to one.  
  • When Duo Si has a bow equipped, all damage is increased, not only damage from attacks.
  • Duo Si can have any type of bow or crossbow to use "Poison Arrows".
  • "Fear of Dust" works in both directions.  Duo Si can reach any member of Shu and any member of Shu can reach Duo Si.  This even overrides any horses that are on the table.  Even with a +1 horse.  A member of Shu can reach Duo Si from across the table.