Du Yu
Du Yu 杜预
Closing the Armory 杜武库

Search and Destroy 斩索
Du Yu can discard a hand card and target any player in the chain.  If the card he used was a weapon, all other players in the chain are damaged one.  Whenever Du Yu kills a player, he gets the crossbow for his turn for the rest of his turn.  
  • When Du Yu damages players in the Chains using "Search and Destroy", the damage is not elemental so those players remain in the Chains.
  • Du Yu can target himself with "Search and Destroy" and get himself out of the Chains.  
  • After Du Yu kills someone with any method, he gains the Crossbow.  If he already had a weapon, it no longer functions as what it is for the remainder of his turn.  It is not replaced, but just overwritten temporarily.  Du Yu cannot play another weapon to replace the Crossbow from his power.  He can replace his weapon, but the new effects will not go into play until his next turn.  
  • Du Yu does not need to kill a player with "Search and Destroy" to gain the Crossbow for the turn.  He can kill someone any way to gain his power.