Cao Jie
Cao Jie 曹节
Empress of Xian汉献帝后

Weep 涕泣
Once per turn, Cao Jie can lose one health and discard X cards.  She then chooses X players and damages them all one.  

Throw the Seal 掷玺
Whenever Co Jie uses an escape, she draws a card.  

Royal Father 父王
If the king is a male, powers from other females will not affect the king.  
  • "Throw the Seal" can be used both during and outside of Cao Jie's turn.  
  • When "Royal Father" is in effect, other females can target the king, but the powers will not have any effect.  For example, Sun Shang Xiang can use "Marriage" to the king, she will heal, but the king will not.  Xiao Qiao can pass damage to the king, but he will neither get hurt nor will he draw any cards.