A Hui Nan
A Hui Nan 阿会喃
Chief of the Three Ravines 三洞元帅

Repayment 献主
Whenever another player causes A Hui Nan to gain or lose a card outside of his turn, he damages them one.

Riding Fear
When a member of Shu damages A Hui Nan with an attack, they may discard a horse from A Hui Nan.  When A Hui Nan damages a member of Shu with an attack, he may discard an equipped horse from them.  
  • "Repayment" is not an optional ability, whenever A Hui Nan's number of cards changes outside of his turn, someone will get hurt.  Some situations include A Hui Nan being targeted by a Steal or Break, someone plays a Barbarians and A Hui Nan uses an Attack, or even someone uses a Harvest.  Both his hand cards and equipment are included, so if he loses a weapon, he causes damage.
  • "Riding Fear" works very similarly to the Longbow, but both ways to members of Shu.